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The first and best Telegram group management tool and group analysis.
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Simplify Telegram group management with Dr TeleBot

Dr TeleBot is the easiest way to manage Telegram groups, ensuring seamless Telegram group scheduling, setting rules and tracking member interactions. From anti-spam to scheduled daily tasks for better Telegram group management, Dr. TeleBot has all these features and empowers group admins with maximum flexibility and saving and optimizing the time of admin and group members for each Telegram community. slow

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Group analysis with Dr TeleBot

A comprehensive overview of group activities and monitoring the interaction and growth of Telegram group members Dr TeleBot easily informs your Telegram groups for immediate and clear analysis, allowing them to optimize engagement, track progress, and build a more interactive and successful community.


Effective member management

Group administrators can have detailed control over each member. Detailed control for individual members, view all activities of group members individually, manage member restrictions from temporary or permanent bans to custom restrictions.

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The first and best tool for Telegram groups to grow and manage your groups.

Easily and painlessly execute your end-to-end campaigns with DR TeleBot, the ultimate solution to simplify interactions, automate tasks and increase user engagement.

Dr TeleBot makes managing your groups and channels easier.
However, you have Niles for a regular and detailed management in your Telegram groups

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Group management made easy

Everything you need to manage your Telegram communities.

Intelligent and automatic responsiveness to members messages.
Automatically and intelligently, respond accurately and promptly to members' messages.
Automatic scheduling and posting of important announcements.
You can schedule and automatically post important messages, which can be beneficial for important announcements, news releases, or any messages that need to be sent automatically.
Filtering messages based on various rules.
With Dr TeleBot, you can filter messages based on various rules, such as removing inappropriate messages or unwanted links from low-credibility members. This can contribute to content improvement and maintain community security and integrity
Imposing temporary message sending restrictions on new members and encouraging positive engagement.
You can apply temporary message sending restrictions to new members. Additionally, you can encourage them to engage positively within the group activities.
Identification and prevention of sending offensive messages.
By identifying offensive messages through the Telegram management bot, you can limit members from posting such content. This helps prevent misconduct and ensures respectful behavior towards all members.
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One Button Start
Experience managing your Telegram groups effortlessly with Dr TeleBot. Just add the Dr TeleBot to your group with a single click, and all its efficient features will be automatically available to you. Benefit from functionalities such as user management, activity monitoring, comprehensive reporting, and other useful tools. Easily and effectively manage your Telegram groups with Dr TeleBot and enhance your overall experience.
Auto Admin Permission
Dr TeleBot utilizes automatic features to manage group settings, providing a distinctive and efficient experience in handling Telegram groups. Its primary goal is to enhance the user experience for both administrators and group members, fostering a better sense of administration and management within Telegram groups.
OImmunity For Admins
The OImmunity feature provides administrators with the ability to apply filters, use automatic responders, and delete keywords in chat messages, all while having complete immunity. This feature allows administrators to offer the best user experience for group members and easily maintain order and discipline
Message Notification
The standout feature of our robot is the message notification capability. This feature allows group administrators to be immediately informed when members send messages, enabling them to respond promptly. Smart and automatic notifications are sent, enhancing user experience and efficiency in group management.
Message Filter
The top feature of our robot is message filtering. With this capability, you can instantly delete group messages containing various types or specific keywords based on the configured settings, except for messages sent by administrators, which are exempt from this filter. This feature allows you to have better control over the content of groups and prevent the dissemination of inappropriate or unwanted content.
Multiple Keyword Trigger
Our robot has the feature of intelligent responsiveness to multiple keywords and various matching conditions. This feature improves efficiency and reduces the workload of support requirements, enabling the robot to quickly categorize and analyze user requests and provide more accurate and comprehensive responses. The enhanced capability of the robot contributes to overall effectiveness, fostering better and stronger connections with users.
Welcome Messages
Telegram group management bot provides the service of sending welcome messages to group members. It uses different patterns to send random welcome messages and also provides the possibility to activate key fields. These features improve the user experience and enhance group interactions. In addition, the intelligent editing system facilitates increased interaction and coordination between members.
New Join Restriction
Our Telegram group's bot utilizes the feature of "New Member Restrictions." This tool temporarily imposes various limitations on newly joined members. Administrators can set and modify these restrictions for specific individuals. The feature plays a crucial role in maintaining group order and security, empowering administrators to enhance group activities effectively.
Remove Member Trails
The group management bot in Telegram accompanies members when they join the group or invite others with an informative message. However, these messages can be easily deleted to prevent any disturbance in the group. This essential feature enhances the user experience and assists group administrators in better group management.
Broadcast Scheduler
The Telegram group management tool by the bot offers two prominent features: Scheduled Message Broadcasting and Silent Group Mode. Users can schedule messages in advance and set specific times for automatic and flexible message broadcasting in the future. Additionally, with the Silent Group Mode, the group can be transformed into a channel, allowing messages to be sent only in one direction. These features enhance the user experience and simplify group management.
Global Timezone Support
Dr TeleBot You can use this feature for your groups to view time and date information based on your local time zone. Additionally, the tool extends its support to scheduling, weather updates, exchange rates, time-based reports, and message history, providing a more personalized user experience. This feature sets it apart from other solutions.
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Reporting and Metrics

Intuitive reports paint a complete picture.

Bot steps
Active Users Reporting
This active users report allows the group admin to identify the number of unique users who have interacted with different groups. This tool can be used as a quick solution to observe and monitor community members. By using this report, administrators can accurately obtain information about the activities and interactions of users in groups, and in this way they can make the necessary improvements and optimizations to increase the quality of their communities.
Individual Member Reporting
Individual member report and activity report. Information on messages, subscriptions and deletions for members. Details of messages, interactions with bots and user behaviors based on time. Improving group performance by identifying patterns.
Rank Lists
Provides the ability to receive statistics of top group members based on various criteria, enhancing group performance and promoting social interactions and activities
Historical Trend Reporting
Tracking historical trends allows you to monitor the group's performance over the past 36 months. When you need to follow day-to-day or week-to-week changes in your group, it makes your life easier.
Real-time insights
Accessing real-time statistics and information through the group admin allows for competitive advantage and informed decisionmaking
Group History
You can look back up to 12 months and check the history of your group completely.
Member History
You can view member history and view messages sent by individual chat members over a specified period of time.
Admin History
It is possible to view the management history in detail, as well as review all the messages sent and notifications of the chat administrators.
Export To Excel
Our robot features one outstanding capability, 'Export to Excel,' which doesn't require Excel installation and allows users to create a fully functional Excel file from their selected reports. This feature enables easy extraction and management of data without any software concerns.
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Fine-grained Member Management

When managing groups, carefully search for all members and manage their activities and responsibilities to facilitate overall group efficiency.
Active Member Snapshots
Active member snapshots are available in certain time period(daily, weekly and monthly), which illustrates a clear picture of community growth in every moment.
Conditional Filters
Conditional filters are available in advanced member search, give you the ability to quickly find member from large supergroups.
Strict Synchronization
Every individual member profile is strictly synchronized with Telegram, and so to provide you with most up-to-date information with no conflict with any other third party bot service.
Member Credit
Keep tracking member’s credit for contribution or violation of community regulations.
Batch Restriction Editing
Restrict or remove restriction of multiple members in a batch.
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Team Collaboration

Telegram's management bot focuses the community on growth with teamwork

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Sophisticated protection to keep your community safe and clean.

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Silent Mode

One of the best features of the Dr TeleBot robot is the silent mode. When mute mode is enabled in a group, only group administrators are allowed to send messages. This feature allows you to temporarily turn your Telegram group into a channel and publish messages oneway.

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Support and Success

Whether you are a small company or a large organization, our support team is proud to accompany you on your journey to support and success.

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Help and Support

With pride and full commitment, we cooperate with your team in setting up and using Dr TeleBot. In addition, we will answer your questions with accuracy and complete information, and if needed, we will also help you in troubleshooting operations.

If you have any questions or need help, we will be happy to contact our support team by clicking on the link below so that your problems will be solved carefully and you will benefit from our valuable services in the best way.

Please contact the support team by clicking this link: [Support Link] (click here) By implementing corrections and creating coordination, we hope that your experience of using Dr TeleBot will be more pleasant and effective. We sincerely thank you for your cooperation and the trust you place in us.