Monthly Free Tier

Dr TeleBot Free Tier enables you to gain free, hands-on experience with Dr TeleBot service.

Available to Everyone

Dr TeleBot bot will process the first 1000 messages in your group for free every month.

1,000 Messages per Month

Dr TeleBot Free Tier is available to every Telegram group. After adding Dr TeleBot Bot to your group, Monthly free tier will be effective to that group immediately.

Fully functional

Free Tier also include free service of every Dr TeleBot module.

Find the right plan for your site

$ 0 /mo


All the basics for starting a new business

  • Completely free!
  • Try out all of Dr TeleBot features before you buy
  • Blocklists, CAPTCHAs, Locks - all the core features are available.
  • Fair usage limits apply; limited notes, filters, blocklists, etc.
$ 40 /mo

Premium Telebot

Everything you need for a growing business

  • … All the features listed in the free and standard tier, plus
  • Exclusive new features; echo, broadcasts, afk, and more to come
  • Increased notes, filters, and blocklist limits
  • Enhanced control, performance, and privacy
$ 10 /mo

Standard Telebot

Advanced features for scaling your business

  • … All the features listed in the free tier, plus
  • Premium support options
  • Improved customisation options
  • More bots, with diverse feature sets
  • Enterprise solutions for bots owned by teams rather than individuals
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try Dr TeleBot before I pay for it?

Absolutely! Dr TeleBot Free Tier offers free service to every Telegram group with Dr TeleBot Bot added. This enables you to gain free, hands-on experience with Dr TeleBot service.

How do I pay for Dr TeleBot?

Dr TeleBot accept payments of major cryptocurrencies. You can purchase a Dr TeleBot plan with your Bitcoin(BTC) or Ethereum(ETH) wallet.

Is there an option to pay annually? Monthly bills are annoying.

Yup! You can pay monthly or annually. Select annual payment to get 20% off.

When will I be billed?

After monthly free tier of your group is exceeded, we'll ask you to choose a plan. That will be the start of your billing cycle, and you'll be billed on that day every month. You can alternatively select annual billing for a 20% discount.

Will Dr TeleBot work with my computer?

Dr TeleBot's only requirement is a modern browser such as the latest version of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer. It will work on both Mac and PC computers as well as any modern smartphone.

How does message procession be counted?

The bot counts a sum of both incoming and outgoing messages. Incoming messages are sent from group members, while outgoing messages are responded by the bot.

What happens to my data if we stop using Dr TeleBot?

Your data will be kept up to 36 months according to the plan of each of your groups.

How secure is your site?

We use SSL data transmission encryption. So you can be sure that, with Dr TeleBot, your private data stays private.

Can I change my plan?

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. You will be charged/credited the difference between the cost of your prior plan and your new plan as soon as the change is made. Any credit you receive will be applied to your next invoice.